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The Power of Sound by Steve Sklar and Johnna Morrow

The Power of Sound Volume 1

The new CD by Steve Sklar and Johnna Morrow, a recording of sonic “inner adventures” designed to evoke and stimulate an enhanced sense of well-being, spiritual connectedness, healing, and meditative journeying. Available as CD ($15/US; $20 foreign) or Digital Download High-Quality 320 kbps MP3s ($10) Click linked titles for excerpts:

1. Arches
2. Out of the Mist
3. Oh, Healing Waters
4. Oceana/Terra Firma
5. For Tenzin
6. Going… Going… Gong

Johnna Morrow: Vocals, flute, bass flute, didgeridoo, gongs, shaker, drum
Steve Sklar: Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing), didgeridoo, Himalayan singing bowls, sruti box, gongs

Produced and engineered by Steve Sklar
All compositions by Johnna Morrow and Steve Sklar/BMI
Cover art and graphic design ©2013 Johnna Morrow

©2013 Skysong Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Music for Your Ears Through the Years

An awesome sampler of some of our musical projects spanning 20+ years including recordings by Little Green Men, Big Sky, Steve and Johnna solos and duets, plus a bonus track by the late, legendary Tuvan Throat-Singer Vladimir Oidupaa.

11 tracks, over one hour of incredible music! $12.95 includes shipping in USA / $17.95 outside USA or select Digital Download for high-quality 320 kbs MP3s /$9.95
(Download version does not include bonus track)


Standing on This Earth CD Front Cover
Big Sky’s Standing on This Earth

Our band Big Sky’s highly acclaimed 1998 debut CD 12 original songs, 58 Minutes $12.95 includes shipping in USA / $17.95 outside USA or select Digital Download for high-quality 320 kbs MP3s /$9.95

“We listened to more than two million songs at We selected the BEST Classic Rock album. This is it. The amazing Big Sky. Ms. Morrow is, as we said, ““Absolutely the most stunning Female Rock Vocalist you will ever hear!” Steve Sklar brings a mighty axe to play and mixes Tuvan Throat Singing into the stunning “Siberia.” This is the album that you will think is in your top ten of all Rock albums of all time, no joke. Get it now!” – Rod Underhill, Founder and Music Director,