Throat-Singing (Khoomei, xoomii, etc.)

Steve Sklar is the leading western teacher and performer of Khoomei (Tuvan and Mongolian Throat-Singing) and Tibetan “low chordal” chanting voice, and has taught around the world. A friend and student of the famed Tuvan ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu, he offers several approaches to learn throat-singing, including private lessons, workshops, Skype lessons, and his popular and effective online lessons.

Current rate for individual lessons in person or via Skype is $50/hr.

“His explanations on different Tuvan styles are correct. He is now the master of Tuvan throat voice techniques in the West.” – Prof. Tran Quang Hai, leading overtone researcher

“Steve was more than generous with his time, his energy, and his unique expertise….Steve is part guru, part music teacher and part Catskill comic – somehow he manages to engage all three of these aspects at once. He has plenty of interesting little teaching tricks up his pedagogical sleeve to enable people to make the sounds he wants them to make.” – Peter Pringle, Montreal Throat-Singing Festival

“I studied with Steve in 2004 after learning Khoomei from Tuvan and Mongolian Masters. His teaching modality and technique are excellent and will save students at any level years of struggle and produce immediate results.” – Devan Miller, Director, Tuva Trader

“Yes, I recommend also, marvelous! Thank you, Steve.” – Wolfgang Saus, Germany

Steve has been teaching throat-singing since the ’90s, when he began leading workshops with the encouragement of the famed Tuvan ensemble, Huun-Huur-Tu.

Some Past Workshop and Presentation Locations include:
•Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
•Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Finland
•Kantele, Finland
•University of MN
•University of Wisconsin, Madison WI
•UCSF San Francisco, CA
•Boulder, CO
•San Deigo, CA
•JT Didgeridoo Festival, CA
•In-Didj-In-Us, Oregon
•Awakenings, Portland OR
•Chicago, IL
•Vancouver, Canada

Teaching throat-singing workshop with Huun-Huur-Tu
Teaching Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing) workshop with Huun-Huur-Tu

Beginning Khoomei workshops include the following:

      • Cultural context of Throat-Singing
      • Xorekteer: “Chest Voice”
      • Easy techniques for learning the major Tuvan Styles: Khoomei, Kargyraa, and Sygyt
      • The Tibetan low, chordal chant voice
      • Harmonics and shamanism/healing
      • Videos from Tuva
      • Medical videos (endoscopic and x-ray) of me while singing khoomei
      • FUN!

Can’t attend a workshop yet? Buy Steve’s popular and effective online Tuvan Throat-Singing lessons at

Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing) Workshop
Saturday-Sunday November 3-4, 2012
Location: 3427 N Colfax Ave. Minneapolis, MN

Teaching Photos:


Teaching jaw position, Helsinki, Finland


 Teaching throat-singing, Joshua Tree Didgeridoo Festival
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With students at Hua-Yen Buddhist Temple, Taiwan
With students and friends at Hua-Yen Buddhist Temple, Taiwan
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